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To Visitors

Dear visitors,
Thank you for your attention to the 2017 China Import Expo, Kunshan (hereafter referred to as “CIE”)!
For your convenience of obtaining the expo information and reasonable arrangement of your visit plans, the Expo Secretariat provides you with services includingOnline Registration, Catering Accommodation , Transportation etc.
Wish you a pleasant visit!
Please feel free to contact the Expo Secretariat for your inquiries:
Hotline:400-860-4900 0086-25-52856752

China Import Expo,Kunshan 2016
Exhibition Period:
May 17-19, 2017  9:00-16:00
Exhibition Venue:
Huaqiao International Expo Center, NO.1598 GREEN AVENUE,HUAQIAO TOWN
Scope of Exhibition

Sector for Metal Working and Automation

Metal processing: metal-cutting machine tool, metal-forming machine tool, knife and fixture, measuring apparatus and spare parts.
Automation: industrial robot technology, assembly and transfer system, linear positioning system, control system, industrial computer telecommunication, network and field bus system, embedded system, measuring and testing system, industrial automation data acquisition and identification system, automation service.
Industrial logistics and driver: mechanical handling equipment, storing and workshop equipment, internal logistics system and software; liquid dynamics, mechanical drive, electric drive, air compression.
3D printing: 3D printer, industrial grade 3D printer, desktop 3D printer and other 3D printing equipment; 3D printer accessories; 3D scanning equipment and software; 3D printing material and technology; 3D printing services.