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Market Background

In May 19, 2015, the State Council of China issued a document, China Manufacturing 2025, which stipulates fully promoting the strategy to empower China with manufacturing industry, the backbone of China’s economy, coining the Chinese version of “Industiral 4.0” and emphasizing that CNC machines and intelligent robots will be prioritized in the development agenda.
China, the world’s largest consumer of machine tools, still relies largely on foreign provision. In 2014, total import of machine tools hit USD 17.78 billion, with a year-on-year growth of 10.8%. To be specific, imports of metal working machine tools stood at USD 10.83 billion, up 7.6% and, those of metal-cutting machine tools USD 8.84 billion, up 11.1%. Imports in 2014 of these products grew much higher than in 2013. From January to June of 2015, China bought 44,107 metal processing beds from overseas, with a value of RMB 26.121 billion.
As the market demand structure in China keeps optimizing, the need for medium to high-end machine tools is increasing. It is thus expected that in the coming years, CNC machine will be highly demanded as it will be the optimal choice of machine tools in China.

Brief Introduction

Scope of exhibition

Metal processing:metal-cutting machines, metal forming machines, tools, cutters, jigs, measure equipment, components, and others.

Automation:industrial robotics technology, assembly and removal systems, liner positioning systems, operating systems, computer communication for industrial purposes, Internet and Field Control Systems, embedding systems, measuring & testing systems, data collection & identification system for industrial automation, and automation services.

3D printing:3D printer for offices and mass production, desktop 3D printer, relevant components, 3D scanning software, 3D printing materials and technologies, and 3D printing services.

To be invited:automobile and spare parts manufacturing, railway and track transit vehicle manufacturing, shipbuilding and oceanic engineering, aeronautics and astronautics, mold manufacturing, universal machinery, medical equipment and pharmaceutical machinery, electric industry, repairing and maintenance, R&D institutes and universities.


High-end Equipment to Present Technological Frontline

The three booth areas, namely, metal working, automation and 3D printing, will gather many high-end brands, covering the whole production chain. Competitive and well-known exhibitors will also attend, bringing with more chances for exchanges and increasing the visitor-experience.

Accurate Buyer Invitation to Ensure Unlimited Opportunities

Invitations will be sent to 100,000 metal working & automation clients via text messages, emails, and mailing. Business decision-makers and engineers at companies along Mechanical Clustering Parks in the Delta Region will be briefly invited for visits and meetings. Senior management of businesses included in 2015-2016 Jiangsu Key Investment Project and Technical Innovation Project will be invited with special note for business discussions. Mobilize downstream user associations to send invitations to their members for expo visits and meeting.

Activities and Events to Enhance Communication and Matchmaking

Forums and seminars of the industry will be held concordantly, during which experts discuss heated topics relating smart manufacturing and exhibitor representatives talk directly with clients.

Value-adding Service to Accelerate China Entrance

Customized follow-up reports by professional media, assistance to the entry into Jiangsu market and expansion of Jiangsu market shares, legal consul services for disputes related to imports and exports and, tours to Jiangsu industrial parks and potential clients.

Media Support and Publicity Service to Boost Exposure

60 print media, 20 broadcasting media, and 50 websites to guarantee all-round promotion and publicity.
300,000 emails and text messages to up date expo progress.
70+ media and 170 journalists for 24/7 coverage.

Exhibitors of the previous expo (partial)