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China Import Expo Wrapped Up in Kunshan
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    Summary:The four-day China Import Expo (CIE), Kunshan concluded successfully on May 23rd. Based on CIE experiences of the past three years, this year’s CIE is well received on brand recognition, product quality and public awareness.
        The four-day China Import Expo (CIE), Kunshan 2015 concluded successfully on May 23rd.
    Based on CIE experiences of the past three years, this year’s CIE is well received on brand recognition, product quality and public awareness.
    First, 2015 CIE’s achievement:
    1.Shows. Two professional shows on Industry and Consumer Goods included metalworking, automation, environmental protection, consumer electronics, household articles, food and beverages and import trade center. A totalexhibition area of 80,000m2covering two exhibition halls, namely Huaqiao International Expo Center and Kunshan Convention and Exhibition Center. 681 companies from 43 countries and regions, among which 12 countries are from “One Belt And One Road” zone, participated in the show.
    2. Visitors. The four-day exhibition attracted 4, 7000 visitorsfrom 28 provinces and autonomous regions in China.
    3. Intentionalbusiness cooperation. According to the exhibitors’ questionnaire survey, 41.3% of exhibitors signedletters of intent on cooperationon product (brand) import agency and investment cooperation, among which 17.5% areon products import,20.8% on product (brand) agency and 3% on investment.
    4.Exhibitors’ satisfactionRate. According to the survey, more than 77% of exhibitors chose the "well satisfied" or "satisfied”, more than 60% of big exhibitors expressed their willingness to participatein the next CIE.
    Second, Main Activities
    Three major events with ten theme activities were held during the 2015CIE, which effectively improved the level and effectiveness of the expo.
    1.The 4th World Business Leaders(Kunshan)Conference hosted by China Chamber of International Commerce (CCOIC) and the Affiliate of International Chamber of Commerce in China (ICC China) attracted more than 400 guests of industrial, commercial and political circles fromover 50 countries and regions, including Li Yunfeng, executivevice governor of Jiangsu province and Yin Zonghua, CCOIC vice chairman, Long Guoqiang, Vice president of Development Research Center of the State Council(DRC), representative of WTO trade negotiation committee. The conference discussed the impact of the Asia-Pacific economic integration to the global economy, outlook and global opportunities in the digital commerce and investment era, etc.
    2.US-China Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Cooperation Forum& Match-making Meeting co-organized by China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products (CCCME) and US-China Energy Cooperation Program provided aplatform for major companies such as General Electric, Honeywell, Dow Chemical, Bethel andChina Academy of Machinery Science&Technologyto share latest technologies and products on water, sludge and air pollution treatment. Companies from China and the US conducted exchanges and discussions.
    3.Cross-border E-commerce and Regional Transformation Forumorganized by Kunshan municipal government provided an idea-sharing platform for new opportunities and new business models that cross-border E-business brought about for economic transformation and upgrade. More than 20 well-known E-businesses such as Jingdong,, Alibaba, Amazon, and made presentations on the forum. During the expo, a number of Kunshan local E-businesses launched their new products online, Alibaba business school held the unveiling ceremony of its E-commerce industrial park, and more than ten E-businesses witnessed the signing ceremony of their projects.
    2.Thematic Activities
    1 Matchmaking conferences. Seven matchmaking conferences were held with 436 pairs of meetings reaching¥300million yuan intentional businesses. The seven matchmaking conferences include the Matchmaking Conference for Sino-Japanese Metal-working Enterprises which witnessed discussions on product procurement and OEM on exhaust gas inspection equipment, stamping parts, ultrasonic cleaning machines;Matchmaking Conference for Sino-US Enterprises which witnessed discussions on product direct procurement, agency and OEM on industrial water treatment, air purification, sulfuric acid mist generator and the metal processing; Matchmaking Conference for Enterprises from Southeast Asiaand Matchmaking Conference for Sino-Japanese Enterprises in Household Articles witnessed discussions on product procurement and agency on temperature and humidity meter, daily consumer goods, jewelry, organic food, crafts; Matchmaking Conference for Water Treatment Enterpriseswhich presented the development and application of water treatment membrane technology, the recycling cooling water technology, new aeration technology, and phase II sludge disposal technology; Matchmaking Conference for Environmental Protection Enterprises from Northern Europe witnessed onsite presentation of environmental friendly technologies and products of companies from Finland and Norway as well as wastewater treatment, compressed air, methane conversion and new environmental protection technologies. The Copenhagen Malmo port and Lianyungang promotion sessionwitnessed MOU signing ceremony between Copenhagen Malmo port and Lianyungang port group.
    2 Technical Exchanges. The Forum on Water Supply and Drainage in Yangtze River Delta held in HuaqiaoInternational Expo Centerattracted around 500 enterpriseparticipants ofenvironmental protection industry. In addition, consumer goods exhibition zone held Food and Wine Taste and cooking showactivities supported byFrench IGP.
    3.Expo Feedback
    1.Exhibitors. Exhibitors generally believed that the 2015 CIE is more professional, high-end and better serviced in terms of the display layout, exhibited brands and products as well as service quality.
More than 77% of exhibitors expressed “satisfaction” or “wellsatisfaction”. Companies such as SwedenMalmo exhibition group, the US Custom electronics company, Hong Kong Ruifeng technology group, newbest group gained intentional business deals and cooperationopprotunities. The Japanese FNA exhibitor believed thatthe exhibition layout is more reasonable, serviceis better and more professional buyers than those of last year. Supporting activities are also well received by exhibitors, most of whom reached intentional cooperation agreement.
    2.Professional buyers. From interview and media reports, the vast majority of professional buyers of 2015 CIEgavepositive evaluations, especially on the scope, scale and levels of exhibitors as well as quality of supporting activities. Most of professional buyers found the technologies and suppliers they need. In addition, more foreign exhibitors participated in the consumer goods exhibition this year, with better interactive activities with audiences.
    3.Industrial circle. Leader of Sichuan Expo Bureausaid that the 2015 CIE provided higher level exhibitors in general andmore high-end technologies are displayed; the responsible personof New York State Economic Development Council gave high appreciation to professional audience; the “Machine Tool Business” magazine editor-in-chief believed that this expo has potentials to become a well-known brand in the expo market.