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Pietro Carnaghi Confirms Participation in CIE
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    Summary:China Import Expo, Kunshan, the first professional international expo aiming at promoting and expanding imports of foreign products authorized by the State Council in China...
    China Import Expo, Kunshan , the first professional international expo aiming at promoting and expanding imports of foreign products authorized by the State Council in China, will be open in Kunshan, Jiangsu from May 19 to 21, 2017. The 80,000 m2 expo will take “Innovation-driven Development, Cooperation for Win-win Results” as its theme, focus on the latest trends in smart manufacturing, the Internet Plus and environmental protection, and showcase overseas advanced equipment, manufactured products and innovations. Pietro Carnaghi, an Italian company known for its leading turning-milling compound processing center and gantry machining center to the world will be expected on the expo. 

    Founded in 1922, Pietro Carnaghi mainly manufactures large vertical lathes (at the turning-milling and grinding compound processing center) and mobile-planer planomillers (at the turning-milling and grinding compound processing center). The products are applied to the energy field, aeronautics and astronautics, mining and bulldozers, bearings and general machinery. The equipment by Pietro Carnaghi is seen in well-known aircraft manufacturers all over the world, from Europe and the United States to China, Russia, the Middle East and Latin America. There are 10 specifications in the UNIMILL series of the planer turning-milling (processing center), with a maximum of 113 KW in milling power and inter-column space between four meters and 13 meters. The company finished six flexible manufacturing systems composed of 22 machine tools from 2010 to 2013. Pietro Carnaghi manufactures multifunctional, efficient, high-precision and reliable processing (namely, planning, turning-milling, boring, drilling and grinding) machines, which caters to modern processing and makes it the best partner for business. 

    Pietro Carnaghi manufactures six series of vertical lathes (turning-milling), each of which is further divided into several models. Products with a diameter between one meter and four meters can be processed. Its vertical lathes is recognized as the most précised by peer companies and mainly applied to processing of cartridge receivers on aircraft by aeronautic companies.  

    Since entrance into the Chinese market in 2008, Pietro Carnaghi has been receiving increasing recognition of the Chinese customers by virtue of advanced technologies and installed over 20 machine tools for them. 
    Pietro Carnaghi will leverage CIE , a high-end platform for manufactured products, to showcase cutting-edge technologies and exchange views with more customers. The company is ready to help customers in adjusting their structure and upgrading by enhancing their efficiency and performance with its expertise and experience.