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Hyundai Wia Highlights CIE 2017
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    Summary: It is less than a month’s away from China Import Ex.o, Kunshan and the preparations are under way...
    It is less than a month’s away from China Import Expo, Kunshan  and the preparations are under way. The upgraded exhibition area for smart manufacturing, a highlight of this year’s expo, will exhibit advanced overseas equipment manufacturing products and innovative technologies in compliance with the orientations and priorities of our smart equipment manufacturing industry during the Thirteenth Five-year Plan period. 
    Hyundai Wia Machine Tool (hereinafter referred to as “Hyundai Wia”), a prestigious high-precision auto parts manufacturer, will be a key exhibitor and bring along several products. 
    Hyundai Wia focused on core machinery in the Republic of Korea in the last decade and ranks the first in the machine tool industry with a market share of as high as 45%. It manufactures digital machine tools, vertical processing centers, horizontal processing centers and automatic production lines and is regarded as the best business partner by its customers. 
    Faced with new circumstances in 2015, Hyundai Wia kept on developing new products to cater to the needs of the market. Its new high-speed drilling and tapping I-CUT series for mobile phone shell processing were well received. And its new vertical machine tool LV800AW-TT for aluminum wheel processing was launched in the ROK this April. Automatic assembly for aluminum wheels can be easily achieved with only a LV800AW-TT, a vertical processing center and some automation configurations. The need for land area is less and the efficiency is higher compared with traditional automation designs. These newly developed products better cater to customers’ needs and make processing easier. 
    In the automobile industry, Hyundai Wia is focusing on developing special automatic equipment for automobile companies and spare parts manufacturers in the world. As a “customer manufacturer”, Hyundai Wia leverages its double identities of customer and manufacturer to develop equipment that better satisfies the need of production. The company uses that strength to bolster systemic equipment so as to adapt to the high-performance and high-efficiency of the automobile industry. It has provided systemic production lines for over 30 customers in China, increased technical personnel and improved infrastructure, and built systemic production lines in its Jiangsu factory.
    Hyundai Wia has eight factories in China’s Shandong Province, involving motors, semi-finished products and moulds, and seven factories in Zhangjiagang, involving digital machine tools and cardan joint casting. With industrial expansion, the company registered as a legal person in sales of digital machine tools in 2013, with headquarters in Shanghai and offices in Beijing, Shenyang, Qingdao, Wuhan, Chengdu and Guangzhou, to satisfy the market needs in different regions. 
    Hyundai Wia will seek innovations and changes, step up efforts in self-dependent R&D and keep on providing quality products while carrying forward the traditional brand. It will hold onto its role of a “customer manufacturer”, tap into differentiated competition, develop the Chinese market, bolster technology and quality, follow the market trends and win for more development. 
    Hyundai Wia will leverage the CIE 2016, a high-end trading platform for smart manufacturing, showcase its advanced technologies and products and conduct face-to-face talks with customers to provide help to structural adjustment and upgrading of Chinese manufactures and impetus for Chinese manufacturing.