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Booth Fee and Format

Format Size Fee Facilities Provided
Standard booth 3×3=9m2 US $2500 Surrounding walls (3m×3m×2.5m), one discussion table, two chairs, two 40W fluorescent or spotlight lamps, one 220V/5A socket, one fascia board with Chinese and English company name
Custom-built booth ≥36m2 US $240 per sq.m. No decorations are provided. Exhibitors are responsible for all booth installations. Reservations of 36m2 or greater are allowed.

Booth Application and Discount

1. By E-mail/fax -- Fill in the application form(Download:APPLICATION FORM), stamp it with the official seal and E-mail or fax it to the exhibition agency in your country or region, or contact our secretariat directly.
2. On-line -- Register on line via the official website
3. A 20% discount of booth fee will be offered if you apply before December 31, 2015.

Diagram of a standard booth