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Review of CIE 2016  

The CIE 2016 designated an exhibition area of 40,000 square meters for intelligent manufacturing sector and hosted 585 exhibitors. The three-day exhibition attracted a professional audience of 20,883 persons. The present leading intelligent manufacturers elevated the exhibition to a new height. Among the exhibitors were 37 Fortune 500 companies and other leading companies and brands like Germany’s DMG MORI and Index, the UK’s Wickman, Italy’s Comau and Pietrocarnaghi, Japan’s Okuma, Makino, Kawasaki, Yamazen and Matsuura and ROK’s Hyundai Wia, Samsung and Doosan, which were representative of the industry and highly competitive. Meanwhile, FNA organized 207 enterprises to the exhibition, and well-known companies like Nidec and Brother and regions like Osaka, Kyoto, Nagano, Yokohama and Fukui where manufacturing companies were highly concentrated also attended the exhibition. The ESD of the New York State of the United States also brought 12 companies which best matched the needs of China and the exhibiting categories. It was truly a feast of cutting-edge science and technologies from Japan and the United States.
During CIE 2016, supporting events regarding intelligent manufacturing were also held, such as Matchmaking Conference of Chinese-Japanese Mould Makers, Matchmaking Conference of New York State Enterprises and Special Symposium of Intelligent Manufacturing.

Feedback from exhibitors  
Main features of CIE 2016  

1. Many companies and high-end products

The sector for industrial goods display mainly metal working products and technologies, with a proportion of the space designated to eco-products and new materials, surfacing its focus on professionalism. There were 39 Fortune 500 and top enterprises of metal processing present at the Expo, including Haas and Parlet from U.S., Parlec,INDEX and Vollmer from Germany, Okuma from Japan and DICC from Korea. The sector for metal working and automation exhibited equipment of horizontal and vertical Computerized Numerical Control, high-speed lathe, grinding machine, vertical miller, metal cutting, polishing and grinding machine, as well as the latest 3D printers from US and Israel. The sector for environmental and new materials showcased integrated solutions, new products and technologies of and/or against energy saving, green architecture, air pollution, solid wastes, soil erosion, water pollution.

2. More professional visitors and more deals made.

This CIE hosted 50,000 visitors, up by 23% since last one. Visitors comprised of residents of 26 provinces and areas of China as well as other nations. Of all the visitors, 81% were from Jiangsu, 28.44% other provinces of China and 0.56% overseas. By a third-party agency analyzed that 80% of all visitors fell into groups of decision-makers or technical staff of a company, foreign trade dealers and retailors, whose purposes range from seeking a distributor, purchasing equipment or other goods to negotiating cooperation and investment. A survey concluded that 40% of exhibiting companies reached the intention for distribution and investment, among which, 22.5% of the 40% signed agreements or letters of intent for import, 13.5% signed the letters of intent for product (brand) distribution, and 4% investment. Haas, Jergens and LionPrecision from US, Toyota, Okuma and Ensco from Japan, Samsung from South Korea, and Freeoplan from Finland identified potential customers and distributors; Josab from Finland, Kafo and Joen Lih from Taiwan, Institute for 3D Printing and Long Yuandi reached deals on the spot; businesses from Malmo of Sweden reached intent for technical collaboration with their Kunshan counterparts.

3. Practical and beneficial supporting activities

These activities include:
The Third World Business Leaders (Kunshan) Conference & the Second ICC Asia Pacific CEO Forum
2014 Seminar on Advanced Manufacturing Technology of Railway Transport
2014 Seminar on Drainage and Sewage Treatment in Yangtze River Delta
Matchmaking Conference of Companies in Machine Tool
Matchmaking Conference of Enterprises in Environmental Protection

4. Positive media coverage of both home and abroad.

CIE 2014 drew 200 journalists from about 70 media organization, including People’s Daily, Xinhua News, Economic Daily, China National Radio, China Central Television, China Daily, International Business Daily, Science and Technology Daily, China News Service, People’s Daily Online, PhoenixNet, Xinhua Daily, Jiangsu Broadcasting Corporation, Yangzi Evening News, Modern Express,, HKS,, United Daily News of Taiwan, Macao Daily News and Fuji Business of Japan. Roughly calculated, since the preparation phrase there had been 2000 plus reports on CIE, an increase of 50% comparing last year. If one searches “CIE” on Baidu, a Chinese Internet search engine, 4.91 million webpages would pop up in an instant.

Analysis of exhibitors  

Structure of exhibitors

Exhibitor satisfaction

In the sampling questionnaire, 80% of the exhibitors were satisfied with CIE 2014. The outcomes achieved were as follows: the brand and image promoted; the business intent established; potential clients discovered; and latest information on technologies and business understood. More than 60% of the exhibitors stated plainly that they would like to participate in CIE 2015.

Exhibitors comments

Analysis of professional buyers  

23,890 professional buyers visited the sector for metal working and automation. The access control system showed a record of 38,256 person-times. 15,326 were from Jiangsu and the rest 8,564 were not. Visitors came from 305 counties or cities of 31 provinces and autonomous regions. Besides, there were 224 foreign visitors from ten countries or regions.

Structure of buyers

Purposes of participation

Structure of domestic visitors

Structure of overseas visitors

Supporting activities  

The Third World Business Leaders (Kunshan) Conference & the Second ICC Asia Pacific CEO Forum

Attendees from both home and abroad carried discussions centering on Asia-Pacific’s role in world economy, a developing financial system in Asia-Pacific region and business opportunities in Chinese market. Distinguished guests from both home and abroad including Mr. Jiang Zengwei, Chairmant of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) , Mr. Fu Ziying, Vice Governor of Jiangsu Province, Mr. Tong Daochi, Minister Assistant of Ministry of Commerce, Mr. Harold Terry McGraw, Chairman of International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), Mr. Raghu Mody,Chairman of ICC Asia-Pacific CEO Forum, and Mr. Julian Ventura, Ambassador to China of Mexico attended and addressed the forum.


2014 Seminar on Advanced Manufacturing Technology of Railway Transport

The seminar was themed after railway locomotive and cutting-edge technology and technics of its key components, automatic production line, locomotive driveline solutions and electric control for smart operation. Representatives were from Zhongche Group, CSR, Shanghai Rail Traffic Equipment, Shanghai Railway Administration, Xi’an Railway Signal., Zhuzhou CSR Times Electric, Hitachi (China) and etc.

Matchmaking Conference of Companies in Machine Tool

This conference was co-hosted by Jiangsu Economic and Information Technology Commission, CCPIT Jiangsu Sub-council of and AMT. Severn American or European enterprises, including Jergens, Lion Precision, Parlec of America, Newbest CNC deliberately introduced the basic information on machine tool products, and their interests in cooperation. 96 representatives from 42 domestic enterprises carried out one-to-one negotiation with foreign counterparts. Two letters of intent, one letter of intent for agent and three letters of investment were signed on the spot.

Exhibitors of the previous expo (partial)